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Renewal Information

Renewal notices are printed and mailed to the address on file approx. 5-6 weeks prior to the expiration date of the license or certificate (see your pocket card or Searches for Licensees). Contact information and individual expiration dates can be confirmed on our website under the bullet Searches for Licensees.

If you have not received your renewal notice by the 15th of the month in which your license/certificate expires, please email and provide updated contact information and/or to request a duplicate renewal form to be faxed or emailed to you. You must provide your Idaho license or certificate number, contact address, fax number, your DOB (MM/DD/YY) and the last four numbers of your SSN for verification purposes.

If you don't know your company's COA number, you can search for it at Searches for Licensees and enter the company name in the last name field.

If you do not wish to renew your license or certificate, please either return the renewal notice sent to you with a corresponding note or email

If you wish to claim a Military Exemption from paying renewal fees, please sign the renewal notice as required and attach a copy of your military ID card or current orders.

As of 7-1-13, all late license renewals must be accompanied with the licensee's continuing professional development (CPD) log . For more information, see Continuing Professional Development. No longer will all license renewals be required to submit a log. If the renewal is more than 3 months late, attendance documents must be submitted in addition to the log.

Renewal fees charged and renewal time frames in Idaho are as follows (as of 7-1-15):

Professional Engineer: $100/every 2 years – Late fees are charged at $50 per month, up to a max of $500
Professional Land Surveyor: $100/every 2 years – Late fees are charged at $50 per month, up to a max of $500
Combo PE/LS License holders: $200/every 2 years – Late fees are charged at $100 per month, up to a max of $500
Corporate/Business Certificates: $60/every year – Late fees are charged at $30 per month, up to a max of $500
Engineer Intern/Land Surveyor Intern: $20/every 2 years– No late fees accrue as renewal is strictly voluntary
Retired License Status: $10/every 2 years – Late fees are charged at $5 per month, up to a max of $500. (To reinstate a retired license to allow for active practice of your profession, please contact The fee to reinstate from retired status is the same as the fee renew a license (see IDAPA If you were expired at the time you took retired status, late fees at the rate above will be charged for each month it was delinquent in addition to the reinstatement fee in the previous sentence. In addition, the requirements of IDAPA (Rules of Continuing Professional Developement) need to be met before reinstating and you may have to request a hearing before the Board.)

Late fees/reinstatement fees are charged as noted under 54-1216 Expirations and Renewals – Fees

Acceptable forms of payment at this time are: Cash, Check, or Money Order and MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH THE SIGNED RENEWAL NOTICE!

A new service to renew online or to update your contact info is available! Click on the